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Bound and Gagged
Ever thought of being bound and gagged? What it would be like to lose all control. Well this chick did. Check her out, nipples clamped, pussy clamped to her legs and hot candle wax is poured all over her pussy. She can't stop him and he's not about to stop. Check out what happens next only here at ExtremeAmatureMovies!

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Bloody Anal Fisting
When this young girl came in for an exam she didn't expect it to feel so good but it did. When the nurse put her finger inside her tight virgin asshole she felt feelings she never knew she had before. All of a sudden she sticks her whole hand inside her asshole! The girl started to bleed but didn't want the nurse to stop fisting her. ExtremeAmatureMovies has the most extreme videos you'll find on the net!

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Tied and Blue
Wow! Have you ever seen tits like this before? Only ExtremeAmatureMovies has shit like this! Check out the guy in the leather face mask as he ties up this chicks large breasts, until they turn blue! YES blue! Then he totally takes advantage of the situation and creams all over her face. Complete satisfaction.

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Extreme Anal fisting
Here's a guy that loves having his girl fist his asshole. Here she is with a toy and some lube trying to get him ready for the big plunge, her fist. Sure enough she gets one fist in all the way and then the other right up to her elbows! This is a must see video and you'll only find it here at ExtremeAmatureMovies, so check it out!

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